Sunroom Additions

Do you throw a lot of parties?  With a Alexandria Conservatories sunroom addition you can have that one room that amazes your guests. It's additional living space and it provides an environment where the party can proceed to when the sun goes down and the bugs come out.  You can continue to enjoy the outdoor feel from inside.

Build Easy

Sunroom addition take far less time to build than you'd imagine.  Thanks to today's technology and design, Alexandria Conservatories could build your sunroom addition for a fraction of the time and money it formerly was for your parents or grandparents.  Sunrooms can also be outfitted with many of the same attributes that a regular space addition can have such as air conditioning, sliding windows, and doors. Today's modern technology also consists of a wide range of glass-like products that could make a sunroom far more resilient, aesthetically pleasing than traditional glass.

Build Value

Unlike those of the past, sunroom additions can in fact build worth for your residence. Instead of the old common plate glass enclosure, today's sunrooms are furnished with products that make them stronger and unsusceptible to many type of damages. Tinting the windows can have a dramatic effect on reducing the warm sun during the summer season.